TANCon2008 - August 2008 - Next Frontier in Business: Propelling Africa to New Heights
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TANCon Ghana 2008 – The African Network (TAN)’s inaugural conference in Africa - The City of Accra will host the first TAN Conference in Africa on Saturday, 16 August, 2008 at the La Palm Beach Royal Hotel, Accra, Ghana.

Since announcing that the city of Accra will host the inaugural conference in Africa, prominent and renowned speakers have been confirmed for the African Network (TAN) Conference (TANCon). Speakers like Patrick Awuah, founder and President of Ashesi University in Accra; renowned economist George Ayittey and an American Construction Management Entrepreneur, Fred Jordan of F.E. Jordan & Associates will be keynote speakers for the August 16th, 2008 event at the La Palm Beach Royal Hotel, Accra, Ghana.

“This is really an exciting time for the organization on a global scale”, says TAN President and CEO, Paschal Iwuh. “The committee has been confirming great speakers at a much faster rate than the two conferences held in the United States in 2006 and 2007. This can only be attributed to the vast potentials and opportunities that exist for investors, entrepreneurs, would-entrepreneurs and policy makers on the continent of Africa. Speakers have been confirmed from far away Kenya, Nigeria, USA, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, etc for the conference. The success of the conference in Accra will help lay foundations for future conferences in Sierra Leone, Kenya, Tunisia, South Africa and Nigeria in the fiscal year 2009. We are looking forward to a great conference in Ghana and the potential impact of TAN and TANCon Ghana 2008 on Africa’s growth potential both in technology and entrepreneurship,” stated Iwuh. 

The theme for TANCon Ghana 2008 is “Next Frontier in Business: Propelling Africa to New Heights”, to reflect the growing number of African entrepreneurs in business today, and to showcase to the world Africa's limitless intellectual and economic capital. This year’s panels’ speakers will include but not limited to Estelle Akofio-Sowah (MD, BusyInternet), Jonathan Porter (Aircraft Entrepreneur), Eric Osiakwan (ICT Integrator), Yaw Owusu (MD, Gateway Innovations), William Gusyster(Chairman/CEO, GMA), Dorothy Gordon (Director General, Ghana-India Kofi Annan Center of Excellence in ICT), Jerry Okolo (Vice Chairman, GeoQuinteq, LTD), Mohamed Hersi (Chairman/CEO, AFGlobe Communications), Conrad Coyanda-Parkzes (CEO, AccessPoint Africa), , Leila Chirayath (CEO, Samasource), Folabi Esan (Partner, Adlevo Capital Africa), Craig Calfee (Founder, Calfree Design), etc. These speakers will cover topical panel discussions like Social Entrepreneurship, Raising Capital, Entrepreneurship in Informal Sector, Infrastructure Development and Creative Partnership Strategies.  Attendees will network with the big wigs in entrepreneurship, business, government policy makers and politicians.

Please visit the TANCon Ghana 2008 website for additional information and to register for the conference. The website is http://www.theafricannetwork.org/tancon/africa.


About TAN

Founded in 2004, The African Network (TAN) is the fastest growing nonprofit association in the USA dedicated exclusively to helping entrepreneurs – from Africa and the African diaspora – build successful businesses, across a variety of technology driven industries through networking, education and mentoring.

TAN's primary mission is to create the necessary ecosystem to help entrepreneurs succeed in technology. Part of TAN’s mission is to also showcase Africa to the world as the next viable economic center and one of the fastest growing emerging markets, with the intention of generating interests and investments in science and technology.

TAN accomplishes its mission through the work of numerous volunteers who help with TAN’s programs.

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