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Emeka Okafor

Entrepreneur and Director
TED Global 2007

Emeka Okafor is an entrepreneur. He was the Director of the recently concluded TED Global 2007 Africa: The Next Chapter. He is the founder and author of the blog, Timbuktu Chronicles , which covers the confluence of entrepreneurship, science and technology in Africa and Africa Unchained, a blog examining issues that include governance, policy, education, and institution building in Africa. He is also the director of research for the Direct Expatriate Nationals Investment initiative, a Poverty Reduction and External Resource Mobilization Program for countries that have received massive debt cancellation from the HIPC Program. Mr. Okafor is a founding member of the IPE Group and sits on the Global Entrepreneurship X PRIZE Advisory Board. He is a partner in Caranda Fine Foods , a manufacturer of a line of gourmet, naturally harvested fair trade beverages developed and produced in several African. Mr. Okafor is also a member of the global advisory board for Students for the Advancement of Global Entrepreneurship (SAGE) and a principal at the Makeda Fund.

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