TANCon 2014 - Oct 17th - 18th, Island Hotel, Best Western Hotel, Victoria Island. Lagos.Nigeria
TANCon 2014
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Panel Topics
PANEL #1: - Opportunities and Challenges in the ICT business in Nigeria

According to the ITU, by the end of 2013, there will be over 6.8 billion connected mobile subscriptions globally. This is almost the same as the global population. However there have continued to be a digital divided between the developed and the developing nations. Penetration rate is over 80 percent in the developed world, compared to 28 percent in the developing nations. This digital divide has made the African continent the place of choice for emerging technologies, and investment opportunities abound in the ICT industry.

During the TAN 2014 conference, the panel on ICT will focus on identifying and analyzing the various opportunities in the telecoms and ICT field across Africa. Emerging class of services like broadband connectivity, mobile money, premium rated value added services, electronic payment platforms and services, IPTV and VOD, and converged network infrastructure will be fully discussed. Attendees will be given the tools to enable them identify and implement low cost solutions that is needed to move the African ICT industry forward, ensuring productivity for organizations and profits for investors and entrepreneurs.

PANEL #2: - Emerging Opportunities for Entrepreneurship in the Energy Sector

One basic infrastructure for driving a modern society is power supply. With roads, water, electricity and other basic necessity of life in place, a society is truly on its way up the ladder of progress.

But at the very centre of human happiness, well being, success and productivity is the energy question. Unlike primitive times when people lived and worked by improvisation, modernity has imposed on us all, a way of life, a life whose pulses are regulated at every point by the mighty force of technology which is invariable driven by power. Power, therefore has become the means by which we gain entry with the phase of life where we can get things done. Without it, we can no longer produce on a scale we need to sustain ourselves.

Like capital, labour and knowledge, energy is one of the main factors affecting economic development. The energy situation in Africa particularly Nigeria is erratic and hopeless with power supply degenerating by the day; the demand-supply gap is so wide and acute to the extent that it is creating negative socio-economic impact on the people.

The worlds within which the African region subsists have identified these huge deficits in power supply and demand as well as the investment opportunities associated with it. The energy sector in Africa and indeed in Nigeria has become the next destination for investment after telecoms.

The panelists at the TanCon 2014 in Lagos will give an overview of the energy sector in the African economy with particular reference to Nigeria. This will include among others, various policies and reforms in the energy sector by Governments of Africa. They will equally identify various source of energy both fossil and renewable energies Investment opportunity in these sources especially for the purpose of generating power will be identified which will include the downstream investment and support business for the energy sector. Participant will be exposed to the strategies of accessing these opportunities and keying into the value chain finance for energy project will be discussed by speaker from various finance institution support energy, particularly power development in Africa.

PANEL #3: - Agribusiness in Africa -Opportunities & Challenges

Agribusiness and agro-industry have the potential to contribute to a range of economic and social development processes including increased employment generation (particularly female employment), income generation, poverty reduction and improvements in nutrition, health and overall food security. Nevertheless, there remain substantial barriers to fully developing the agribusiness potential evident across the continent. Many of the enabling conditions required for sustainable agribusiness development are not specific to the sector (or to manufacturing in general), but apply to all sectors of the economy. These includes a stable macroeconomic climate, good public governance including functioning regulatory institutions, enforceable commercial laws and property rights, and adequate infrastructure and basic services, including transport, ICTs and utilities.

At TANCON 2014, panelist will critically discuss a range of agricultural policies reforms, building the necessary industrial capabilities and capacities; upgrading technology and innovations in terms of products and processes; cross-border cooperation, participating in global, regional and local value chains; standardization and quality control measures, mobilizing public-private sector cooperation on agribusiness development and increasing the scale of competitiveness of Africa’s agribusiness sector, amongst others.

PANEL #4: - Education as a Tool for Successful Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is a process of establishing a business organization, which provides goods and services, creates jobs, and contributes to the national income and the overall economic development. Education is crucial to the entrepreneurship process.

Are entrepreneurs born or made? If entrepreneurs are made, what type of educational system do we need to make more entrepreneurs? This panel will discuss the factors that are crucial to developing an educational system that will produce entrepreneurs for the 21st century in Africa.

PANEL #5: - Sources of Financing for SMEs in Nigeria and Africa

The growth of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) is important for the economic development of many African countries. However, it is acknowledged that SMEs are typically underserved with regards to access to finance due to a number of variables such as limited financial history, low asset base, and low returns vis-a-vis perceived risk.

There are several financing approaches and initiatives that have been developed to bridge the SME financing gap in Africa. The panel will feature investment professionals that have been able to successfully contribute towards SME financing in the African region, and entrepreneurs at different stages of capital raising. The panel aims be a productive dialogue between entrepreneurs and financiers, with the goal of deliberating on financing solutions and sharing best practices for accessing SME financing in Africa.

PANEL #6: - The Increasing Entrepreneurial Role of Fashion, Entertainment and Media in Africa

Fashion is a term usually used in a positive sense, as a synonym for glamour, beauty and style it is also applies to a prevailing mode of expression.

Entertainment is something that amuses, pleases, or diverts ones attention.

Media comes from medium, a way through which one can communicate with another so letters, posters, email, and public meetings are forms of media. There is also Mass Media whereby you communicate with a large number of people, and this includes communication methods such as TV, Radio, and the Internet.

Over the years in Africa, there has been an increase in the number of entrepreneurs in the fashion, entertainment and media space. Examples of pioneers include: Ben Bruce of Nigeria; Diouma Dieng Diakhate of Senegal; and Young Designers Emporium of South Africa. These entrepreneurs are making waves and working at making Africa more unified through fashion, entertainment and media.

This panel will feature entrepreneurs with a kaleidoscope of passions and talents who draw their inspiration from Africa’s rich and diverse culture and traditions, while embracing the practicalities of the modern world. Topics to be touched upon by our panellists include - new trade horizons that are opening; avenues and opportunities available for aspiring entrepreneurs; the pros and cons of being an entrepreneur in this space; and much more.

PANEL #7: - How to Overcome Challenges Facing Establishing Biotech and Bio-Pharmaceutical Industries in Africa

It’s no doubt that biotech and biopharmaceutical companies are yet to flourish in the African Continent. Apart from the great health benefits that such industries offer, the employment creation is very immense which could help reduce poverty on the continent. Various statistics show that Africa’s younger population continues to exit the continent for the United States and Europe, mostly. The same statistical data also shows that that same demography continues to have gainful employment into the biotech, bio-pharmaceutical and telecommunication industries. At TANCON 2014, panellists will examine the opportunities of establishing these kinds of industries in Africa and how to sustain them. The panellists on this topic will include entrepreneurs in the field of biotechnology, Chairmen and CEO of technology-based companies who are looking for opportunities in Africa and government functionaries who will discuss how to create the enabling environment on the continent.

PANEL #8: - How Social Entrepreneurs are changing the landscape in Africa

A new form of capitalism is arising that recognizes our ability to direct the power and efficiency of market systems toward social impact.

Businesses are now not only been built to maximize shareholders wealth but also to fulfill the three bottom-line of people, profit and planet.

TANCon 2014 will bring together change makers from multiple sectors and perspectives to meet at the crossroads of the old and new economy to find common ground and catalyze the next wave of growth for Africa continent.

The session will engage deep conversations on the changing landscape of the social economy empower people with an understanding of a variety of models and provide opportunities to connect with new and unexpected social change agents.

The Concept of the TAN Incubation Program

The African Network (TAN) will introduce the Incubation program during the Entrepreneurship Conference in Lagos, Nigeria (TANCon Africa 2014). The intent of the incubation program is to mould and incubate start-up entrepreneurs who would emerge from the conference’s business plan competition. The moulding and incubating of the entrepreneurs will entail mentorship, providing technical resources as well as a structure for them to have a proper spring-board for their entrepreneurial journey.

The panellists on this discussion will comprise the founders of this concept as well as seasoned educators who have been through this journey in the past as well as those who are currently doing the same program on the continent.


This panel will comprise of some entrepreneurs who spoke on each day’s events to share their entrepreneurial story with the audience. The aim is to highlight the difficulties they faced and how they were able to overcome such difficulties to have positive results.

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