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Olga Kostrova, Lead International Partners Development TANCon 2010

Olga Kostrova is an accomplished serial entrepreneur, social innovation pioneer, inventor and a mentor for emerging entrepreneurs. She personally holds several patents in wide range of industries - consumer product, digital media, advertising technologies, transactional marketing, biometrics in Web 3.0 and more.

Currently Olga serves as a CEO of IdeaMama Ad Network. She has founded this company to revolutionize the advertising industry by pioneering a new advertising model - Pay Per Deal advertising. IdeaMama Ad Network has been successfully marketing B2B companies with complex sales utilizing this new PPD ad model despite established perceptions that affiliate marketing is only suitable for consumer product. Olga is one of a very few women that innovates in add tech space.

Previously in 2005 Olga has pioneered a concept that now is known as crowdsourcing, crowddevelopment and crowdfunding. She has launched one of the first companies in the world that introduced this breakthrough concept and a framework for global online collaboration between entrepreneurs. Prior starting IdeaMama Group, Olga served as a Marketing Director for numerous technology and consumer goods companies, both startups and multinationals.

Olga is also known for her philanthropic initiatives and community involvement. Olga joined The African Network annual conference team (TANCon2010) as a Chair of International Partners Development. Olga believes that developing countries need a lot of support and as entrepreneurs it is a privilege and our responsibility to reach out and empower people in those regions such that they building their own future.

Olga Kostrova
Lead, International Partners Development TANCon 2010
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