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Nii Simmonds

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Nii Simmonds is a recognized speaker and consultant on African entrepreneurship, startups, agribusiness and innovation in Africa. Proven leader and manager, with over 10+ years of experience in private and public sectors. Grown a vast network in Africa, Europe, and North America that has led to growing public-private-partnerships, managing collaborations, and influencing policy. Extensive experience in entrepreneurship, business strategy, capital markets, and business development. Mr. Simmonds also advises entrepreneurs with raising capital, strategic planning, partnerships, and business development. Currently, advising entrepreneurs on scaling their businesses in emerging markets, working with bi- laterals on engaging African Diaspora communities, and non-profit entities on science and innovation in Africa.

Nii Simmonds is the Co-Founder of The DAIN Network. The DAIN Network focuses on Agriculture and rural development, utilizing the African Diaspora for mentorship and technical assistance in the agriculture verticals. DAIN’s goal is scale agriculture businesses in agriculture incubators, where, they can be investment ready in 3-5 years for venture capitalists and angel investors. In 2007, Mr. Simmonds was chosen as a TED Fellow for the 1st TED Global Africa event in Arusha, Tanzania. He is also the 2009 co- organizer of the Annual Maker Faire Africa. He is the Co-founder of Afrobotics, a non-profit that teaches innovation and entrepreneurship using robotics as a tool to get youth and young adults to create innovative technologies to solve everyday problems in Africa. Mr. Simmonds is the Africa Prize Director for the annual William James Foundation business plan competition. Currently, he serves on the board of advisors for Investors Without Borders, Wall Street Without Walls, Gateway Innovations Limited and BarCampGhana.

Mr. Simmonds got his B.S. in Management/Finance from Smeal College of Business at Pennsylvania State University and a minor in Information Systems and Statistical Analysis. Mr. Simmonds holds an Executive Education in Business Process Outsourcing and Strategic Management from the Wharton School.

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