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AJ Patel

Founder of TIE
Chairman Mara Wildlife Conservation

AJ is a US citizen who grew up in Uganda and was a part of the Idi Amin Exodus in 1972. After graduating from Sardar Patel University in India, He immigrated to the US in 1978. From 1981 he worked for a packaging company which he acquired in 1989 and named it Odyssey Enterprise, Inc., He sold the business in 2004 to be fully involved in charitable organizations. In 1992 he was one of the key founders of TiE. It has 45 chapters in 10 countries. He served as global director from 2001 to 2004. Since 1994 he has been taking friends to Africa on safari and introducing them to the wildlife paradise on earth. He has a passion for wildlife conservation. Currently he is the chairman of the Board of Hasla - Mara Wildlife Conservation Foundation.


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