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Almaz Negash, MBA

Managing Partner
Etwine Global

Over the last fifteen years she has helped build and foster countless, vital strategic relationships between a diverse set of individuals and organizations around the world. While at the Silicon Valley Center for International Trade Development (SVCITD), Almaz helped originate marketing, distribution, export strategies, and commercial partnerships for over 200 clients, aiding in garnering millions of dollars in contracts for her clientele.

While at SVCITD, Almaz organized and led trade missions to Japan, Europe and Latin America and hosted missions in Silicon Valley from South Korea, Japan, Russia, Botswana, and Macedonia. Almaz also developed strong ties with Mexican businesses by designing and implementing the California Mexico Trade Assistance Center Program, and through working with Mexican Economic Development Centers, she helped foster business partnerships between Silicon Valley & Mexican firms.

Serving at the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics, Almaz had the opportunity to further her expertise in connecting, former head of states, business and community leaders, individuals and organizations from varied backgrounds to critical global challenges. Almaz went from advising firms and governments on how to increase their bottom lines through trade and joint partnerships at SVCITD, to the oftentimes much more difficult task of bringing individuals from different countries, cultures, and educational backgrounds together to share common goals and objectives at the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics. 

Yet Almaz managed the transition from the extreme, single-minded international trade landscape, to addressing some of the worlds’ most dire contemporary ethical challenges, with tremendous confidence, poise, delicacy and skill. For over a decade, Almaz has had to continually operate between a complex intersection of ideas, cultures, peoples, laws, religions, customs, values, and relationships.

She has been successful at this delicate balance not just because of her experiences in global leadership, business, education, and economic development but rather, and just as importantly, as a woman, a mother, an entrepreneur, and a global citizen.

Almaz is Managing Partner at Entwine Global, an international business and economic development consulting firm. 


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