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 Lately, Africa has been garnering attention from the US investment community.   The best of the US investment companies such as The Carlyle Group, Bain Capital, KKR and the Blackstone Group are vying for African deals.  The Apprentice by Donald Trump, the US coveted business TV show, found its way into Africa.  CNBC is hosting TV shows on investment opportunities in Africa.  Why all of sudden Africa has taken center stage for the US top business community?  On October 3, The African Network 2009 Conference (commonly known as TANCon09) will showcase the new entrepreneurship / business opportunities that have sparked so much interest from US investors. The conference is entitled "Africa: Uncovering Entrepreneurial Opportunities” and will be held in the beautiful Schwab Hall of Stanford University - Silicon Valley.  In addition to the great and diverse panels in Finance or Microfinance, Technology, Intellectual Property, Healthcare, Social Entrepreneurship, TANCon09 aims to present some of the major corporations in Silicon Valley that plans or activities targeting the African Continent through TAM expansion with smart investments.The documentary “Africa is open for Business” by Carole Pineau gives you a preview of what is to come in October at the TAN 2009 Conference.  Enjoy the ride and do not forget to register to the conference within the next month.  We look forward to seeing you in October!!!!

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