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Guy Kamgaing-Kouam

Mobile X


Guy is the CEO of Mobile-XL, today’s fastest growing and most promising company in the mobile industry worldwide.

Guy has an MBA from UCLA and a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Paris Curie University in France. Fresh out of college, Guy co-founded the MBACenter ( <> ), the #1 test preparation center in Europe today.  After graduating from business school in 1997, Guy worked for PriceWaterhouse in management consulting for 3 years.

In 2000, Guy returned to entrepreneurial passion to be part of the explosion of telecoms in emerging markets.  He started as a supplier of telecom equipment to MEA mobile operators like MTN, Orange, Zain, Econet, Vodacom, Etisalat, STC and single-handedly generating over $15MM in business. In his success, Guy developed long- lasting relationships with the biggest equipment vendors from infrastructure OEMs (Ericsson, Alcatel, Siemens, and Nortel) to handset manufacturers and distributors (Nokia and Motorola). Guy has gained practical and in-depth knowledge on how to conduct business in MEA, particularly telecom. More importantly, he has built key relationships with influential players (telecom ministries, regulators, CTOs, CEOs and CMOs) and business leaders in every relevant country. These relationships are crucial to succeed in this region and are an invaluable asset that will permit a quick and effective execution of the company's defined strategy.

On a business trip to Africa in late 2005, Guy became frustrated because he was unable to get internet access to perform a basic online search.  While almost everyone had a cell phone, there was no internet ccess.  So he started to wonder whether it would be possible to create a solution that would give everyone access to online information to the masses even on their basic phone.  After doing some research, he realized that if that was indeed possible, there was a huge unmet demand for such a service and not just in Africa but all emerging countries and that was an enormous untapped opportunity.  Despite the lack of software experience, Guy jumped right into it and Mobile-XL was founded in 2006.

Less than a year later, the company landed an order from Motorola and has since then grown to be one of the most promising software companies targeting emerging markets today with deals with Orange, MTN, Safaricom, Nokia, Facebook and other major players in the mobile and digital worlds.

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