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Marie-Ange Eyoum

TANCon USA 2009 Chair


Dr. Marie-Ange Eyoum is a product marketing engineer at Intel Corporation.  In this role, she is in charge of Atom Processor-for-Netbooks activities including engineering interface, product enabling, sustaining current SKUs strategies, managing samples schedule/roll-out, positioning, field  / OEMs communications and training, problem response…etc.

Prior to her current position, Dr. Eyoum was in the prestigious Intel Rotation Engineer Program. Her last rotation was technical analyst to Chief of Staff of Intel Chairman working in collaboration with the Intel World Ahead Program that aims to bring uncompromised technologies to emerging markets. She also worked as a device engineer in state-of-art memory devices and as a technical analyst at Intel Capital developing investment strategies in the areas of Business Intelligence and Search sectors.

Outside of work, Dr. Eyoum is actively involved in the community to promote education, mentorship and technology within various non-profits organizations. She is the Outreach Coordinator of WIN (Women at Intel Network) and worked closely with Sally Ride/NASA,Techbridge and Girls for Change in different outreach events, mentorship, training and coaching activities to encourage minorities and women to excel in science and engineering related fields. Dr. Eyoum recently joined the advisory board of Akili  Dada, to help promote girls' education in Kenya through scholarships and mentorship. Her heart is to create a sister organization in her home country, Cameroon.

With REP (Repurposing Business for Impact) organization, Dr. Eyoum has been providing training and consultancy services to start-up companies in developing nations to help repurpose their business to address major societal issues such as poverty, illiteracy, unemployment. During her annual vacation in 2007, she travelled to Chennai-India with REP to consult with Infodrach Inc., a company that offers hardware services to large corporations within Chennai and its vicinities, providing new strategies, actions items and KPI (Key Performance Indicators) to her client (the founder/CEO of Infodrach) to help him expand his business, thus create new jobs to many unemployed Chennai residents.

Dr. Eyoum holds a Bachelor in Mathematics and a Master & PhD in Electrical Engineering from University of California-Berkeley with research expertise on the integration of MEMS
(Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) with CMOS electronics. She is fluent in both English and French, and enjoys Bible-study, cooking, outdoor activities such as hiking, climbing, running marathons or swimming, reading, playing guitar, travelling on mission trips, giving back to the community and hanging-out with friends and families. She is also very involved in her church at Abundant Life Christian Fellowship where she holds leadership positions.

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