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Lately, Africa has been garnering attention from the US investment community.   The best of the US investment companies such as The Carlyle Group, Bain Capital, KKR and the Blackstone Group are vying for African deals.  The Apprentice by Donald Trump, the US coveted business TV show, found its way into Africa.  CNBC is hosting TV shows on investment opportunities in Africa.  Why all of sudden Africa has taken center stage for the US top business community for entrepreneurial opportunities?   

On Saturday October 3 2009, The African Network (TAN) will be holding its annual conference, known as TANCon 2009 which will showcase the new entrepreneurship / business opportunities that have sparked so much interest from US investors in the African continent. TANCon 2009 will be a platform through which many distinguished experts and visionaries will unravel the countless opportunities and boundless optimism that lie ahead for seasoned and budding entrepreneurs alike.  TANCon 2009 will also focus on empowering the entrepreneur and showcasing Africa's potential to the world as a major emerging market.

TANCon 2009 will be held at the beautiful Schwab Hall setting of Stanford University. This is the first time a TAN conference is being held at a prestigious University campus popular for its activities to foster innovation and entrepreneurship in the world. Holding TANCon09 at Stanford University will help to further solidify the TAN brand with respect to entrepreneurship as well as enable to bring more speakers and attendees not only within the Silicon Valley environment, but from all around the world, thus giving TAN the global status it deserves.  

Our theme this year is “Africa: Uncovering Entrepreneurial Opportunities”. In addition to great and diverse panels on Information & Telecommunication, Intellectual Property Protection, Healthcare, Social Entrepreneurship, Finance / MicroFinance, Venture Capital vs Angel investment, TANCon plans to showcase some of the major corporations in Silicon Valley that have activities / projects targeting the African Continent through TAM (Total Available Market) expansion with smart investments.  

Who should plan to attend TANCon 2009:

TANCon 2009 will provide the necessary toolbox that spans the entrepreneurial lifecycle from idea conception to a liquidity event.

  • For the ENTREPRENEUR, who just had a flash of a billion dollar idea
  • For FUNDED, EARLY-STAGE STARTUPS working to stretch each dollar

Why attend TANCon 2009:

  • To listen to fortune 500 industry-leaders share their personal experiences in close proximity
  • To Network and interacting with panelist from the entrepreneurial ecosystem - Venture Capitalists, Lawyers, Investment Bankers etc
  • To learn the Dos and Don'ts of startups from serial entrepreneurs
  • To participate in thought provoking life lessons from business veterans
  • To understand the intricacies of venture financing
  • To take a peek at upcoming technological breakthroughs
  • To learn more about one of the fastest growing emerging market - Africa
  • To network, network, network  


TANCon09 caters to a global audience, with targeted representatives from top technology companies, leading venture capitalist firms, service providers, and professional service firms. Attendees will span the spectrum from experienced CEOs to first-time entrepreneurs, financial market experts, government policy makers, and respected personalities from academia. For more information, please go to and start registering NOW for early bird registration."

Marie-Ange Eyoum, PhD
US TANCon 2009 Chair

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