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Tarisai Garande, Lead Sponsorship TANCon 2010

Tarisai Garande leads sponsorship efforts for TANCon 2010. She has been involved with The African Network since 2009, as a member of the TANCon Sponsorship Committee.

Miss Garande is a Senior Consultant at ERM, a global environmental consulting firm, based in Walnut Creek, California. She provides strategic and tactical environmental consulting services to a range of clients including high technology, retail, oil and gas industries, and government.

Prior to her current role at ERM, Miss Garande worked for the UK Environment Agency on a special project (TE2100) providing long-term flood risk management plan for London and the Thames estuary. She also worked on pan-European flood risk management partner project with the Environment Ministries of Belgium, Netherlands and Germany with the aim of influencing future European flood risk policy. She also has international work experience in Asia and South America.

Miss Garande holds an MSc in Environmental Technology, specializing in Water Management from Imperial College, London.

Tarisai Garande
Lead, Sponsorship TANCon 2010
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