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Steve StoutSteve Stout

Gold Star Refining


Steve Stout brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in development of biodiesel refineries.  In addition to management of Gold Star’s biodiesel refinery development and operations, he will handle sales, partnerships and business development activities with other firms that need biodiesel refining capability.  Mr. Stout honed his qualifications for this role through his 25+ years experience with IBM, Sun Microsystems, WorldCom and other leading companies in engineering, sales and business development.  He is completely committed to the environmental cause.

Mr. Stout has selected biodiesel production as an avenue to social entrepreneurship.  Replacing petroleum with biodiesel is not only an environmental solution; it is also an economic solution.  The United States became and remains an economic miracle through the inventive exploitation of energy from petroleum.  Biodiesel holds this same promise for emerging economies and best of all, these countries can now leverage energy without the detrimental side effects of petroleum, including:  pollution, global warming, unstable suppliers and exorbitant pricing.  Besides being a transportation fuel, biodiesel and its byproduct glycerol, can also be used to produce clean electricity.  As more clean energy is harnessed, it can be used to purify water, heat industrial processes and cool buildings.  The success of this type of social entrepreneurship is measured by how many people get to live a better life through job creation and the type of infrastructure and amenities we take for granted in America.  Steve Stout is a key ingredient in realizing this lofty goal.


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