TANCon 2010 - October 30th Hyatt Regency Santa Clara CA
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Panel Topics
PANEL 1: Mobile Banking and Financial Services
The exponential growth of the internet and telecommunications services in the last two decades has led to same growth in entrepreneurial opportunities. Although, this growth started out in the Western part of the world, it has become a global phenomenon. As entrepreneurial opportunities continue to grow in Africa, one of the fastest sections of this growth is the use of mobile banking and financial services to close the vacuum of financial trade and transactions between people on the continent and the rest of the world. Mobile Banking refers to provision and the availability of banking and financial services with the help of mobile telecommunication devices. The scope of offered services may include facilities to conduct bank and stock market transactions, monetary transfers, to administer accounts and access customized information.

Panelists will discuss and examine how mobile operators, banks, microfinance institutions (MFIs) and solutions vendors are developing and launching products and services for a variety of market environments and customer segments. With reference to African concerns, the panel will examine and discuss the business models, technical infrastructure, security and regulatory issues associated with supporting mobile banking, mobile money, mobile and contactless payments and microfinance. This interactive discussion will be geared towards understanding the evolution, growth, sustainability, prospects and dynamics of this new phenomenon and how it is changing entrepreneurial endeavors and creating opportunities in Africa.
PANEL 2: Renewable Energy: The Nexus of Africa and Entrepreneurship
Energy is critical to economic development, but Africa has a dire energy problem. Across the continent, there is a severe lack of access to energy that impedes job creation, industrial development, and robust economic development. There is a need to increase energy supply and better manage existing supplies to meet increasing demand. In the context of the global climate change threat, renewable or clean energy and energy efficiency will have to contribute significantly to Africa’s future energy mix.

Panelists will discuss and explore Africa’s access to clean and renewable energy technologies, the growing market opportunities, and the expansion and integration of renewables into the existing energy infrastructure. In particular, the panel will focus on the specific entrepreneurial opportunities in this space, and panelists will share their views on how entrepreneurs can successfully navigate the clean energy landscape on the continent.
PANEL 3: "Low-Tech" and "Non-Tech" Opportunities in Africa
Entrepreneurship in Africa goes beyond mobile phones, software, and high-tech gadgets. Real opportunities exist for the entrepreneur interested in low-tech and no-tech businesses. This panel will explore such opportunities, from infrastructure and real estate development to fine arts, staple necessities, and tourism. Low-tech and no-tech businesses often get overshadowed by the glamour of high-tech, but in many cases they are less risky and just as profitable.
PANEL 4: Funding Options for Entrepreneurs
How do you get a start-up funded in this economy? Who are getting funded by Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors? What are the alternatives to Venture Capital and Angel Investor funds? Should you bootstrap your start-up? Our panelists, venture capitalists, angel investors, and entrepreneurs, discuss various traditional and non-traditional sources of funding.
PANEL 5: Talent Development & Acquisition in Africa: The African diaspora contribution
In the first decade of the twenty-first century Africa achieved relatively high level of economic growth some of which is attributed to entrepreneurship and the growing penetration of multinational corporations in to the African markets. For most African entrepreneurs this climate meant opportunity and for the multinationals it meant developing and acquiring local talent to remain profitable and sustainably grow their enterprises on the continent. The first decade also marks a large mobilization of the African diaspora wealth and knowledge to Africa.

Panelists will discuss how companies develop and acquire talent locally and also the contribution of the African diaspora to the talent pool. Further more they will discuss the quality of education delivered through local educational institutions and the technology startup incubators that are forming around the continent and their contribution to the talent pool feeding the emerging mobile web, applications (apps) and software development industry.
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