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Anselm Kia

Primeshare Inc.

Anselm Kia is an entrepreneur and founder of Primeshare Inc. www.primeshare.net – one stop shop for secure sharing online. Primeshare provides a simple, secure, and solid platform that allows users to securely share documents and multimedia content online. Primeshare customers can set access rights, protect shared items with passwords, set expiration dates, and restrict access by location. For every shared item, customers get reports showing who viewed their content, when they viewed it, and the location of the viewer. Customers can recall shared items at anytime including emails and SMS messages. With Primeshare, you can share documents, bookmarks, RSS feeds, project status, contacts, and photos from one place. You can post shared items directly on your corporate website, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter account. Primeshare can be customized to integrate with third party applications including project management tools or sales force applications. This allows users to access your shared items from other applications and increases productivity. The Primeshare portal also includes a robust search function that makes it easier to search items across multiple content types. In addition, customers can access their Primeshare data securely from any computer online including laptops and handheld devices.

Businesses are using Primeshare to protect confidential information, increase productivity, and reduce collaboration costs. Customers include real estate business owners, lawyers, accountants, and diplomatic organizations. Individuals also use Primeshare to protect their documents and photos and to keep control when sharing online. Primeshare is a fast growing company and currently has thousands of registered users.

Prior to Primeshare, Anselm was a Senior Product Manager for Managed Security Services at iPass. He also worked as a Product Manager for several years at GoRemote. Anselm started and managed a successful ISP business in Cameroon that offered IT services to various diplomatic organizations and embassies. He has more than 15 years experience in IT and has held several enterprise positions in recent years including Product Management, Sales Engineering, Customer Relationship Management, and Senior Support Engineer. Anselm is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP). He holds an Advanced Technical Education Training Diploma in Electrical Engineering, Msc. degree in Computer Engineering from San Jose State University, and is currently a doctoral student in the School of Engineering at University of California, Santa Cruz.

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