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Femi Akinde

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Femi has worked in a variety of high-level capacities at some of the most respected telecommunications and software firms in the world, including Gateway Communications, AT&T (Consultant), T-Mobile, and Microsoft. Over his telecommunications career, he has been a Subject Matter Expert (SME) for T—Mobile's mobile data platforms and wireless portal. He switched careers post MBA by joining Microsoft as a Senior Finance Manager on the TV, Video & Music Finance team. He resigned from Microsoft to start SlimTrader. He holds an MBA from the University of Chicago, Booth School of Business and a BS in Electrical Engineering.

SlimTrader is the first platform in Africa that allows consumers to purchase services or shop for goods with their mobile devices. This is especially valuable given the slow and erratic internet access on the continent, which leaves residents with the sole option of traveling and waiting in line to conduct potentially simple transactions. SlimTrader created the first Mobile web and SMS ticketing platform in Africa for Aero Airlines, a leading West African Airline.

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