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Bisola Edun

Managing Director/CEO

Tae is a female fashion brand defined by classic timeless pieces. It embodies the spirit of its Creative Director, Bisola Edun - fun, confident and full of life. Launched in 2003, Bisola's aim was simply to close the gap between traditional "bespoke" outfits and imported apparel by accurately anticipating and rapidly responding to ephemeral fashion trends. It had to be fast, yet sophisticated fashion.

9 years later, Tae has carved a niche for itself in the female ready-to-wear market, known especially for its signature flowing skirts and embellished tunics. Bisola is inspired mostly by street fashion - The Sartorialist is a favourite site for style spotting - but also by architecture and films. The Tae store is located in the GRA area of Ikeja, Lagos.

As a child she had great admiration for television. In her childhood innocence, what attracted her most to the tube was advertisements. It was not surprising that when she was growing up, the choice of broadcasting as a career became alluring.

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