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Ken Brown

Managing Partner
Lionchase Holdings

Kenneth Brown is the founder and managing director of Lionchase Holdings; a private equity firm the manages micro-cap and small cap assets in the technology sector. Kenneth Brown's focus is power generation, manufacturing, and finance.

Kenneth Brown has been involved in technology, finance, and public policy for over 15 years. Kenneth Brown has worked with a wide assortment of law firms, financial institutions, corporations, and consulting

firms on dozens of major technology policy and market-related disputes ranging from M&A to anti-trust. His background includes involvement in both domestic and global disputes such as: EU vs. Microsoft, GE-Honeywell acquisition, Dual-use technology exports - lead by Sun Microsystems, Microsoft vs. Unites States, Intel vs. AMD, and SCO vs. IBM. Kenneth is frequently quoted in major publications, white papers, and editorials on a range of topics including economic development, energy, and intellectual property. Kenneth’s professional affiliations include board member positions at several technology companies and public policy organizations.

Kenneth Brown is a graduate of George Mason University and resides in Arlington, Va.

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